Thai traditional massage RAN

タイ古式マッサージ蘭 ไทยแลนด์ รีแล็กซ์ มาสสาจ RAN

Address: 1-1-11 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka City Front Horse Building 4th floor


Business days: Open all year round

Business hours: From 12:00 noon to LAST massage time (last reception is at 10:30 pm)

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Thai traditional massage RAN

For same-day reception and same-day reservations, please call the store directly. 06-6213-7203

●(2023/03/02)Price revision due to foreign exchange rate review

What is Thai traditional massage RAN?

Thai traditional massage RAN in Dotonbori, Osaka.
RAN massage of Thai female therapist. Give customers a high-grade Thai traditional massage.
Dotonbori Ran is located near Osaka Nipponbashi, Namba, and Seimon-cho.Access is 3 to 5 min on foot from Nipponbashi Station on the Sennichimae Subway Line, Sakaisuji Line or Kintetsu Namba Line.From Namba Station on the Subway Midosuji Line, walk Dotonbori for 5 to 7 min.It is opposite JRA WINS Dotonbori.
Ran can receive an authentic Thai traditional massage by a veteran Thai therapist who has experience teaching young therapists.Thai traditional massage is the most comfortable relaxing massage in the world to refresh your mind and body.By stimulating an energy line called sen and making muscles flexible, it relieves fatigue, relieves stress, detox, and balances lymphatic flow and autonomic nerves.
Ran's recommended popular menu is "Ayurveda Oil Massage", which is a D course for 120 minutes and costs 15,000 JPY. Recommended for customers who are suffering from stiff shoulders, lower back pain, headache, neck tension, coldness, constipation, Effective for male erectile dysfunction, stresses caused by the spread of covid-19.For D course and above, you can receive Thai traditional massage incorporating Ayurveda that you can receive at SPA & Resort in Thailand.
For RAN treatment, we offer custom-made Thai traditional massage according to the physical condition of the customer.We look forward to welcoming you to our store.For the New information, see "Thai traditional Massage RAN" on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


  • [Discount on rainy days is even cheaper]
    On rainy days, a 2000 yen discount will be given for 120-minute courses and above.For 120 minutes of D course, 15,000JPY will be discounted to 13000JPY, and for course using GOLD oil, 150 minutes of E course, 23000JPY will be discounted to 21000JPY.To get a discount, just show the therapist the "rainy day discount ticket" in the discount ticket information.
  • [RAN's Ayurveda is back]
    The candle-type Ayurveda oil, which has had many repeat customers since its opening in 2013, has also finished its course in RAN due to the end of production by an Italian manufacturer.Due to the covid-19, the stress caused by the customer's telework and the risk of spreading infection has increased, so we thought that it was necessary for the customer to be healed by relaxation massage, and revived it in a new form.We offer a 120-minute D course and a 150-minute E course that can heal customers with a combination of Ayurveda and aroma.We will take your time and perform the treatment according to your physical condition.Ayurveda oil used for the treatment activates the first chakra.As a nice effect, it improves erectile dysfunction in men and is also effective in making children.The E course uses GOLD, which has long been said to be good for health.In RAN, the whole body is carefully treated with oil containing GOLD.The E course 150 minutes is the longest course since it opened.
  • [Nuat Karsai, Jap Karsai, Hot Stone Therapy Target Course]
    Thai traditional massage RAN in Dotonbori is Nuat Karsai.It is difficult to find a place, where you can receive the mystery of Thai massage, Nuat Karsai, even in Thailand.This can be done with RAN in Osaka Dotonbori. The combination of Nuat Karsai, Jap Karsai and Hot Stone Therapy can be taken in 90 minutes for C course, 120 minutes for D course and 150 minutes for E course.Please be assured that only staff with specialized education will carry out the program.
  • [We have prepared a 30-min Thai traditional massage]
    We have prepared a course of 4000JPY for 30 min in response to the requests of customers who receive traditional Thai massage for the first time andwant a short and intensive massage while wearing clothes.
  • [Disaster fund-raising activities]
    At "Thai traditional Massage RAN", we are raising disaster funds, although it is a little from the sales.The 2004 Sumatra Island Offshore Earthquake also damaged Phuket in Thailand.At that time, we received a lot of support from everyone in Japan.Our staff loves Japan, so we support Japan.


  • [A course Thai traditional massage 30 min]
    Thai style stretch massage.
    Recommended for routine massage once a week. No aroma
  • [B course relaxation massage short course 60 min]
    Thai style stretch and oil massage.No aroma
    Recommended for those who want to try a series of massages in a short time.
  • [C course relaxation massage full course 90 min]
    Thai style stretch and oil massage.No aroma
    It is effective not only physically but also mentally in a reasonable amount of time.
  • [D course Ayurveda oil massage 120 min]
    Indian Ayurveda and Thai style massage.Use aroma oil.We also use unscented oil if you wish.
    It is the most popular treatment time in Thailand. Collaboration between Thailand and India
  • [E course Ayurveda GOLD oil massage 150 min]
    Indian Ayurveda and Thai style massage.Use aroma oil.We also use unscented oil if you wish.
    Use gorgeous oil gold foil and amber.It will be the most healing course.
  • [F course Thai traditional foot massage 30 min]
    Thai style foot massage. You can also enjoy the foot SPA.
    The legs are called the second heart.No aroma
  • [K course King Course 60 min]
    It is a massage performed by two therapists on the left and right.
    From the first half to the middle stage, we will massage together. In the second half, the therapist of your choice will massage.
  • [P Course Ran Premium 135 min]
    Enjoy a 15-minute Thai foot massage (foot pressure points) and a 120-minute Ayurvedic oil massage

  • ○Change the menu for foreign travelers and Japanese to the same content from March 2023.

    ○Ayurveda oil uses oil that activates the 1st chakra.
    ○Ayurveda oil will be selected according to the customer's tridosha.
    ○Those who wish to have a sports massage will be available on the B, C and D courses. Please tell the therapist.
    ○Each course can be stretch only or oil only. Please tell the therapist.

    ○Jap Karsai is included in the B, C, D and E courses.If you do not need it, please tell the therapist.
    ○Nuat Karsai and Hot Stone Therapy are included in the C, D and E courses.If you do not need it, please tell the therapist.

    ○It is also possible to order a combination of multiple courses.
    ○We are taking thorough measures against infections by our customers and therapists.Please cooperate with RAN's "new normal policy".

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